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1+1 Corks

The 1+1 corks are obtained by gluing 2 disks of natural cork in the tops of the body. The 1+1 corks can have diameters understood between 17 and 30 mm and lengths up to 50 mm, being the designation length x diameter. The body of the corks is rectified and the tops can be polished and chamfered. The 1+1 corks can be treated (Peroxide washing H2O2, Surface coat with CAF, Silicon, Paraffin).Standard dimensions: 45x23,5 mm. Advantages of the product: Good alternative the natural cork (more economic); Excellent characteristic of enclosure; Easy extraction; Homogeneous quality; Heat branding, available; Good behaviour to the torsion. Stopper specially recommended for young wines of quick consumption (shelflife between 2 to 3 years). The packing recommended by SOIGA is a plastic bag with SO2, to avoid possible contamination. Recent studies (Australian wine Research Institute Wine Bottle Closure Trial”) shows that are a very good alternative for the fence (enclosure) along the time.